Introducing Your Coravin Sparkling™

Preserve the crisp flavor and effervescence of your favorite sparkling wines with Coravin Sparkling™.

A man standing at a countertop holding a Coravin Pure CO2 Capsule in his hand. The Coravin Sparkling Preservation System is on the table in front of him, along with a bottle of wine. In the background are wine glasses, a bar cart, wine and liquor bottles, and multiple framed images.

How to Use Coravin Sparkling™

Discover all that your Coravin Sparkling™ System can do.

Unmatched Preservation

Pour from the same perfectly preserved bottle for up to 4 weeks.

Universal Secure Fit

The patented Sparkling Stopper adjusts to fit any standard or magnum bottle and locks securely in place.

Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2

Proprietary Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules preserve the flavor and bubbles of your wine. Each Capsule preserves up to 7 standard bottles.

Coravin Sparkling™ Accessories

Check out our selection of refill capsules,
needles, aerators, and other accessories
that complete your Coravin system.

What is Coravin Sparkling™?