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Wine 101

The Beginner’s Guide to Coravin

August 28, 2018

Written By Chelsie Petras, Chel Loves Wine

Wine is an all-inclusive pleasure, a welcoming world to both newcomers and vintage experts alike. You do not need to be a Sommelier or winemaker in order to enjoy a glass, or do you have to be a daily drinker to reap the rewards from using a Coravin. To explore how Coravin has purpose for all levels of wine lovers, we partnered with wine writer Chelsie Petras of Chel Loves Wine, who revealed her favourite Coravin perk: tasting the wine without wasting the wine.

I have a lot of wine in my apartment.

Like, over 150 bottles in this tiny 755 sq. ft. place. Some of the bottles are samples, some are special bottles that I’m going to sit on for a while, and some are ones I keep on-hand for dinner parties and guests. I know Instagram may make it seem like I’m opening one or two bottles every night, but that’s far from the truth. So how am I tasting all these wines then without drinking them all or wasting them?

Enter the Coravin.

What is a Coravin?

Funny story: the first wine event that I ever attended was co-hosted by Coravin. Since then, I have strongly felt that Coravin is a tool that every wine lover needs. From the novice to the expert, it is there to help you taste the wine without wasting the wine. It’s a wine-preservation system that uses smart technology to access the wine in the bottle while also keeping the oxygen from hitting it.

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Why do I need one?

So, why do you need a Coravin? First of all, a Coravin is going to save you from wasting wine (which is basically a sin). By having the ability to pour only one or two glasses from a bottle, you don’t run the risk of having to dump what you don’t finish (or drink spoiled wine). I’m a girl who is usually drinking wine by herself (Pete isn’t much of a wine guy) so the Coravin now allows me to sample all the bottles I have at my leisure. I could have a glass of a Chardonnay, followed by a Syrah and cap the night off with a Malbec … all without opening a single bottle. It’s kind of like magic.

Just imagine you’re hosting a party and everyone wants to drink something different. It would be a nightmare scenario if you had to actually open all those bottles. With your handy-dandy Coravin, you can give everyone a taste of what they want without actually opening all of the bottles.

How do you use it?

So how does it do it? Coravin has a small, hollow needle that pierces through the cork. From there, you inject Argon gas into the bottle. Once the bottle is pressurised, it allows you to siphon the wine out of the bottle into your glass (and your stomach!). After you remove the needle, the cork reseals itself so you can take out as little or as much wine as you choose.

If you look at the photo below, you can see how small the hole is that the Coravin leaves. It’s so small that the cork essentially reseals itself. The Coravin only works on natural corks, so if you have any synthetic ones, you’ll just have to drink those bottles normally.

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Best Wine Preservation System: Find Yours in Coravin’s Range of Systems

Are you looking for a wine preservation system that will keep your bottles fresh for days, weeks, even months to come? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Coravin, we offer a variety of systems and accessories to ensure your first glass is as good as your last – no matter how far apart the pours.

How do you use the Coravin systems?

CP: Coravin Timeless systems have a small, hollow needle that pierces through the cork. From there, you tilt the bottle to a 45° angle over a glass and quickly press and release the trigger to pour. Pure argon gas is injected into the bottle to replace the lost wine and preserve what’s left. After you remove the device from the bottle, a natural cork reseals itself so you store the bottle back on its shelf. If you’re hoping to drink a bottle with a synthetic cork or twist-off top, you can use the Coravin screw caps to preserve these bottles.

A close-up of a woman pouring red wine into a glass using a Coravin Wine Preservation System.

How to use Coravin Timeless

Enhance your wine drinking experience

If you are looking to take your wine hobby to the next level, stock up on accessories to enhance the experience. The Coravin Aerator, designed exclusively to be used with all Coravin Timeless systems, is the perfect accessory to enhance the taste of your wine. This unique accessory rapidly aerates wine as you pour, yielding silky, smooth, aromatic results equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes. 

Coravin also sells a variety of needles for more delicate corks, argon capsule replacements, and screw caps for those wines with synthetic corks or twist off tops.

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Shop the Coravin Wine Shop

The Coravin Wine Shop offers a broad selection of time-honored labels as well as a collection of highly sought after and allocated bottles curated by in house wine experts and resident sommeliers.

Shop, Shop the Coravin Wine Shop