Women pouring red wine with the Model Five Wine Preservation System outside

Coravin for professionals

Discover the benefits of using Coravin for your business.

Restaurant / Wine Bar

Dramatically expand your offerings by the glass.


Start sampling any wines your customers desire.

Wine Store

Allow customers to try wines before they buy—with no waste.

On Trade Exclusives

Model Five Plus Pack

Model Five is an everyday workhorse and the exclusive model for restaurants and wine bars. Including professional features like a stainless steel wine spout and rubberized non-slip grip, Model Five will be an essential part of your wine experience for years to come. The Plus Pack contains premium accessories that lift your Coravin experience to the next level.

To be eligible to purchase on trade exclusives, please create a business account and add your VAT number is the last field. Once finished, you are ready to start your Coravin journey!

Discover how renowned restaurants around Europe benefit from using Coravin

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"Since we started using Coravin, the average spend on wine went up with 100-125 euros"

Pasquinel Kolk

Restaurant Manager - Ciel Blue**

Coravin BTG Program

Implementing a Coravin® By-the-Glass program is flexible and cost effective. The incremental cost to pour most wines with the Coravin Wine Preservation System is less than £ 0.50 per glass, which can be built into the list price of the glass.

Restaurant Benefits

Customers who implement Coravin BTG programs report measurable economic benefits:

Increased Revenue: Increase fine wine sales by 10-20%.

Increased Margin: Increase margin by moving wines from list to BTG.

Waste Reduction: Reduce wine waste by 100% on all bottles poured by the glass with Coravin.

Customer Satisfaction Score: Greater selection BTG can greatly increase customer satisfaction.