Timeless Carry Case



The soft-lined Coravin Carry Case is a convenient and stylish way to transport your Coravin Wine Preservation System with pockets to accommodate two additional Coravin Pure™ Capsules or a Coravin Aerator. The Coravin Carry Case is compatible with Coravin Model Three, Model Five, Model Six, and Model Eleven Wine Preservation Systems.

Timeless Carry Case

Product Details

Size & Weight

10.25” / 26.04 cm
2.60 in / 6.61 cm
3.80 in / 9.65 cm
0.2 lbs / 0.08 kg

Can I travel with my Coravin System?

All Coravin Wine Systems are permitted during air travel without Coravin Capsule. You can travel with up to 4 capsules in your hold luggage, and this varies by airline, please check before travelling. Restrictions also vary by country.

Coravin Capsules can be ordered here, for shipment directly to your destination.

Model Three Coravin, Model Six Candy Apple Red Coravin, Model Eleven Coravin Wine Preservation System.

Which Coravin System is right for you?

All Coravin Wine Preservation Systems allow you to preserve the wine you love. Discover the System that fits your lifestyle.

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