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Coravin Sparkling

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Coravin Sparkling® is the sparkling wine preservation system that allows you to open a bottle one weekend, then finish it at brunch the next. Whether it’s a pre-dinner glass of bubbly, celebrating the end of a long day, or kicking off the weekend, now you can pop any bottle of sparkling wine without hesitation. The Coravin Sparkling® Sparkling Wine Preservation System preserves the crisp flavor and effervescence of your favorite sparkling wines for up to four weeks, guaranteeing that the last glass will taste just as amazing as the first.

What's included

Sparkling Charger

Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules

Bottle Sleeve

60 Day Risk-Free Trial

Two-Year Warranty

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Coravin Sparkling

£399.99 GBP

How to Use Coravin Sparkling®

Install the Sparkling Stopper

After you have poured as much sparkling wine as you desire, raise the Stopper's Locking Handle all the way up to the unlocked position. Place the Stopper on the open bottle and firmly press the Locking Handle down until it is flush.

Charge the Bottle with CO2

Check the Pressure Indicator to ensure it is green, indicating that there is a Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsule installed. Align the Charger on top of the Stopper and press down firmly. The Pressure Indicator will change to red, indicating that the bottle is ready to charge. When the Indicator changes back to green, the bottle is fully charged.

How to Use Coravin Sparkling®
Visual CO2 Indicator

Know when your bottle is fully charged with CO2 gas or when to replace your Capsule with the easy-to-read status indicator.

Tilt to Release Gas

When you are ready to remove the Stopper, you can release pressure in the bottle by simply tilting the Stopper. Then, pull up the Locking Handle fully to remove.

Safety Features

The Sparkling Charger is designed with an internal regulator that stops charging the bottle when the appropriate pressure has been reached.

Product Details

Size & Weight

10 in / 25.4 cm


3.25 in / 8.26 cm


2.88 in / 7.3 cm


2.7 lbs / 1.23 kgs

Sparkling Charger

Injection Molded plastic, Stainless steel, elastomers

Coravin Sparkling® Stoppers

Injection Molded plastic, Stainless steel, elastomers

Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsules

Injection Molded Plastic, Steel, Elastomer

Bottle Sleeve


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How does the CoravinSparkling® Wine Preservation System maintain effervescence?

The Coravin Sparkling® Wine Preservation System uses CO2, the same gas that creates bubbles in the wine, to fill the headspace in the bottle and prevents the bubbles in the sparkling wine from dissipating. This keeps the original effervescence intact for up to 4 weeks ensuring the last glass will taste just as good as the first.

How many uses will a Coravin Sparkling Capsule deliver?

Each Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsule preserves up to 7 standard 750mL bottles. (Capsule life can vary based on usage patterns.)

Why is there a Bottle Sleeve included with my system?

Pressurized bottles may break if dropped, resulting in projectile glass. Use the supplied bottle sleeve or similar cover to reduce the risk of injury should a presurized bottle break due to drop or impact.

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